Top 10 Creative Vertical Gardening Ideas

October 27, 2021

If you live in an urban place and have limited space for gardening then Vertical gardening is the best solution to go with. It’s all about growing upwards instead of outwards. Having a Vertical garden not only increases the beauty of your place but also has some health benefits.

Vertical gardening can enhance visual appeal, maximize the use of limited space, improve air quality and health, reduce the impact of urban space, reduce noise levels, increase biodiversity, etc.

Let’s see some Creative Vertical Gardening Ideas

1.Framed Patio

framed patio vertical gardening

A framed patio is one of the best and easiest ways to garden vertically. Framed patio design adds beauty to space with its simplicity. Perfect for maximizing space in small gardens, you can plan a framed patio in your balcony, front yard, backyard, or on an empty wall.

2.Create A Living Wall Of Leaves

living wall

Living green walls are trending now in homes and commercial buildings these add a beautiful look to your empty wall. Interior green spaces, benefit your physical and mental health apart from adding beauty to your space. 

3.Hanging Garden

Hanging gardens are becoming popular as plant enthusiasts look to save valuable floor space by growing their plants up. These hanging gardens save a lot of space and give a perfect garden look to your space.

4.Vertica Lettuce Planter

vrtical lettuce planter

You can plan a lettuce planter with minimal space and effort. Mostly lettuce grows herbs and green leafy vegetables. These are the best suit your kitchen garden.

5.Pallet Container Holder

vertical container holder

Arrange a pallet board and hang several pots on it and place it in the place where it receive some sun light . The best part is it will create plenty of vertical space and adds beauty to your space.

6.Vertical Picture Frame Planter

Vertical Picture Frame Planter

Cool idea for your vertical garden, it makes your space greener, you can also hang a wall planter like this in your home. It takes very little space and ads beauty to your space.

7. Airy Garden Backdrop

The best way to achieve a vertical garden without sacrificing the view of what’s behind it is part of the beauty of this clever design. Less expensive in cost and adds beauty without hiding the background of your place.

8.Minimalist Wall Garden

Minimalist Wall Garden

This idea is especially suited for modern interiors. It’s an excellent way to bring the beauty to your place.

9. Hanging Gutter Garden

hanging gutter garden

If you are looking for small patio, balcony or roof garden, hanging gutter garden is the best one to go with. hanging gutter garden can grow a lot of plants in little space.

10.Staircase Plant Stand

stair case planter

Best suits for city people who have balconies, roofs, or terraces as an only outdoor space. By keeping containers on this you can grow flowers and herbs.

These are the Top 10 creative vertical gardening ideas. Choose one idea and give your limited space a perfect garden look.

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